Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Magnifying Glass Analogy

Recently I got into more of the blog world (starting my own again) and "bookmarking" other blogs I find informative (which by the way has grown exponentially) and getting into learning more about SEO, SEM and the world of building great blogs/websites which leads me to consider this like a magnifying glass. Let me explain..

From a distance you see this industry perform and hear things about it passively, but as you get closer and closer to it you find that it's just swarming with fast-paced events, sites and articles that it almost overwhelms you. You see a finely tuned, increasingly complex and sophisticated world all about promoting, lead generating, marketing, increasing readers, analytics for blogs and websites. I congratulate those that have the ability to keep up and master such intense field.

I have learned over the years that there are two types of knowledge which will determine your course of future action:
  1. Knowledge of a trade, skillset (in this case learn it so you know and can do it yourself)
  2. Knowledge of where or who to go to for that knowledge (hire them to do it and move on to other areas)
Is it worth it to spend the time and money learning new skills in this area or outsource it to specialize in other areas. I'll have to get back to you on that.

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