Friday, January 23, 2009

Mastering The Information Age Series

I've noticed over the last few years, the skills I use in business and in life have drastically changed. In order to keep up with ever growing amount of projects, ventures or just plain activities requires me to learn how to adapt to master them efficiently. I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of my strategies, some learned and some invented documenting many of them here in this blog.

One of the most important skills I have used occasionally over the years is speed reading. It is more imperative than ever with all the white papers, ebooks, email, blogs, books, newspapers and magazines competing for my attention that it must be an every day practice. The benefits of speed reading can be enormous, in fact it is not just a matter of choosing your reading material carefully knowing you may have to toss a lot because of time constraints, but it is about getting through what you choose to read much faster that pays big dividends.

My current reading diet consists of 35+ industry trade magazines and 2-5 books a month, up to 20 white papers/ebooks a week and up to 5 newspapers, hundreds of emails a day, which continues to grow exponentially. Whether you pursue the "Evelyn Woods" speed reading program or teach yourself, it will be an investment you'll never lose money on.